Sign up for OSG Connect

  • Step 1. Visit the OSG Connect sign up page and click on the Continue button. This takes you to a page which will let you create a Globus ID or log in if you already have an one.

  • Step 2. After you have signed in or created a Globus ID, you will be asked to link an existing account or continue with the current Globus account. Click on the No Thanks, continue button to continue the application process

  • Step 3. To complete your sign up, submit an application to join the osg group. While completing the application, please provide your institutional email and a valid phone number so that we can contact you. It is important that you choose your Globus ID in the username dropdown menu:

In the next few minutes, you should get an automated email message that acknowledges the receipt of your application. Within the next business day, you will get a phone call or an email from us. Otherwise, contact the user support team at

If you expect to work with a team that is already using OSG Connect, you might visit the Project Summary page to look for it. Click the project name there for additional information, or to join the project. This can accelerate your access to OSG Connect in some cases.

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